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In this category are included equipment dedicated to particular ranges of market sector such as:
Pick and carry truck cranes, self-propelled fixed turret, with no stabilizers. Born for the field of marble processing for moving blocks and slabs. Later on, in addition to the initial diesel engine was also introduced the electric one, thus gaining the market for industrial material handling equipment that prefers quiet machines, with low pollution and with particular agility in moving with the load hanging in short and narrow spaces.

Lattice boom crane can be arranged wheeled or on crawler. Variable load and arm length. Due the difficulties and the burden of transfers from one site to another, this cranes are suitable for major importance contructions.

Crawler cranes can be tracked telescopic or lattice. They are widely used in the field of drilling and piling.They can be placed on the ground or on floating barges.

Aerial platform, from 10 to over 100 meters in height, can be arranged on commercial vehicle or on special wagons.

Propelled aerial platforms vertical electric or diesel, only vertical development, electric propulsion for the industrial sector, diesel-powered, two-or four -wheel drive, the shipbuilding activities.

Propelled aerial platforms rotating electric or diesel, pantograph or telescopic development, with heights from 10 to 60 meters, find their use in both industry and in shipbuilding.